Welcome to the Client Resources Area. This password protected page is where your website training videos, files, photos and more can be stored.

Please email Emily with any questions.

Phase One: Discovery & Planning Phase

Determine the scope of work

Create a sitemap and list of pages to create

Create Timeline

- June 15, 2018 All Discovery & Planning Completed

- June 22, 2018 Visual Design Completed (initial concept sent for approval)

(EmDesign will send a password protected site that can be reviewed and then changes may be requested at this time)

- June 30, 2018 All Changes to Design & Content Submitted to EmDesign

- July 6, 2018  Site Development Completed (all information current/correct)

(The initial website is approved for accuracy and consistency)


- July 13, 2018 Website Will Be Optimized for Search Engines

Ready to Launch

Phase Two: Visual Design

Completed June 22 (see timeline)

Phase Three: Site Development

Completed July 6 (see timeline)

Phase Four: Site Testing

Begins June 22 (see timeline)

Will be tested up until the launch for consistency

Phase Five: Launch (still awaiting official launch date)


Phase Six: Site Maintenance 

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