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Gift Ideas for Farmers

The internet has taken gift-giving to the next level. No other time in history has the human race had the opportunity to sift through hundreds of unique and fun gift ideas for the people in their life without leaving home. Google and Pinterest are wonderful places to get inspired on gift-giving. 

Normally, these search engines do not disappoint, however, over the past several years, I have had trouble finding gifts for the men in my life. When searching for phrases such as "gifts for Fathers Day," "Gifts for Manly Men," and "Gifts for the Farmer/Rancher," I am presented with the following:

- Cuff Links & Ties

- Crude T Shirts

- Beer & Alcohol

- Food

While these things could make good gifts for some, it left me disappointed. I wanted something more. 

After some brainstorming (and years of shopping for my dad and three brothers) I thought I would compile a list of gifts that I believe would be practical and yet something that the man in your life probably wouldn't spend his money on.


Long hours away from home in the hot sunshine, these Yeti products will keep tea, water, etc., cold all throughout the day. But the best idea out there - Ice cream in a Yeti. Yep, it really works!

Customized Yeti.

Do it yourself online at, or let EmDesign to help you create a custom design

Bluetooth Receiver

12-15 Hour days in the tractor. No need for cords from your stereo to your phone. These things really do work and they are awesome for listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks as you make your way through the field.

Battery Pack

Kinda nerdy, kinda fun, but really useful. Charge anything and everything on the go. Even jump-start a vehicle. This model can even jump start a diesel engine.


There is nothing that beats Ranch-Raised beef and the men (and everyone else) will be able to tell the difference. Check out these awesome beef bundles from (they ship nationwide!) 


A little more on the expensive side, but these things are awesome. Although they seem like a toy, and they are, drones really can add value to your ranch, farm or business in ways you never thought possible. Check cows, check pivots, and check fields with these things.

Vehicle Detailing

Chances are, if the guys in your life are farmers/ranchers or work in the agricultural/livestock world, they live in their vehicles. No one who spends most of their day in their vehicle wants to spend their off time in their vehicle cleaning it out. A nice quality detail job brings a new appreciation for your current vehicle.

Pressure Washer

Speaking of clean vehicles, here's another toy that actually adds value to your business and home: a pressure washer. Why not have the option to keep your vehicles, equipment and buildings clean year-round. Professional quality pressure washers from Jantzen Equipment Company have the perfect fit for your budget and operation.

Acre Paper

Time for that little notebook in the front pocket to get an upgrade! My friend Cory at Heart of the Farm Planner has created these maintenance logs, glovebox wallets and planner that are not only unique but will be used daily.


Basically a win every time.

Beard Oil

Just for fun (because I'm a fan of men with beards) check out these beard oils from Edith Joi boutique. My friend Stacey at sells these and they are handmade in Nebraska. 

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