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Who doesn't love t-shirts?

Just watch people at concerts, festivals and parades. They go crazy over them!

When Sonya from the Rustic Patch asked me to come up with some exclusive designs for her store, I was so excited to get started.

^^^ C L I C K I M A G E T O B U Y

This Feed & Seed Shirt is by far, one of my favorites. I was inspired by one of my very first pins on Pinterest - a canvas drop cloth shower curtain with a feed sack painted on the front.

(Now it is one of thousands of Pins I have not taken the initiative to attempt.)

^^^ C L I C K I M A G E T O B U Y

All I know is that when Pantone announced the color of the year, I knew I had to do something in purple. So here it is, folks!

^^^ C L I C K I M A G E T O B U Y

I think I may have spoken too soon on which t shirt is my favorite. This one is the one (at lease for now.) Sonya sent me an image of a camper t shirt and from there I created something that was unique to them! I cannot wait until this one is ready for purchase! It's still in the works.

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