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What File Types Do I Need For My Logo & What Do I Do With Them?

Hey everyone! Welcome to my very first blog post. I am super excited to share with you some very important information regarding logo design. Every business needs a logo, unfortunately, a vast number of businesses have logo files that are low quality images. This video and post will inform you as to what file types you NEED for your logo design and what they are used for.

As a logo designer I want to make sure all my clients have the logo files that they need after we compete their logo re-design or after we design a completely new logo for them.

Number one and most important: Logos should always be created in a vector format. Logos cannot and should not be created in Pages or Word or even Photoshop.

You are going to find that when you zoom in, crop or want to print that logo it is going to appear grainy or pixelated.

I design all of my logos in Illustrator and from there I save them as different file types for my clients for whatever they might need their logo for in the future, whether that be web, screen or print.

For print situations, it is very important to have these different file types:

PDF: They have a white background, but they are a good option for some printing projects. It won't be something you use extremely often, but it's great to have it in your logo stash.

EPS: Encapsulated Postscript File. BEST FILE TO HAVE next to the original. It is not editable, but it is a vector file, which means you could enlarge it and print it on a semi-trailer and it would not be pixelated. (side note: as a general computer user, you might not have the software to open an EPS file. Don't be scared! If you send it to a printing company they will be able to use their vector software to create your large printed item. (Just make sure you ask for a proof before printing!)

JPEG: Don't print these unless it is the last option. Once in a blue moon, you might run into a situation where a PDF isn't printing right and you want a JPEG or a newspaper or other promotional person wants a JPEG. Try to convince them to use a PDF, otherwise just send them the JPEG. It's not perfection, but it's a good option to have.

PNG: Interchangeable between screen and print. I find this to be widely used among general computer users as it has a transparent background (think of it as clip art!) and looks good on screen and in smaller sized prints. You can use it to watermark your photos or layer designs in your website. They make sense and they load fast!

You are going to want to make sure you have all these logo file types to make your logo package complete. Also, please don't forget to BACK UP YOUR FILES in at least three places. You would hate to lose your precious one of a kind logo!!

If you have questions about re-designing your logo or if you want to work with EmDesign to create a brand new look for your business, contact me at

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